Heartitude was launched in May 2018 to work along side a Non-Profit Organisation called Trulife. At the heart of it we hope to use what people already have in their hands to raise funds and make a difference. 

Heartitude’s vision is more than helping people get rid of what they don’t need, more than recycling, more than spreading the love of books or raising funds for charity. It’s to inspire people to believe that every drop in the ocean counts and that we needn’t look far for fulfillment or purpose because what we already have in our hands is enough to make a big difference.


The heartitude books project is where we collect pre-loved books and sell them online or at selected events. A great reason to spring clean and repurpose. With the most extraordinary selection to choose from we have everything from vintage, art and decor, to kids books and the modern day novel.


Recycling is so necessary for our environment.

We are so excited to have partnered with individuals, schools and various restaurants as contributors to the recycling project.  Let us know if you have an event or facility that wants to get involved.

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